Why You Need a Professional Genealogist!

You need a professional genealogist if you have ever wondered what events in the lives of your ancestors caused them to be born in a certain time, place and circumstance.

Most of us have heard the stories told by our elders and have some knowledge of our family's history. Then there comes a time when we start to wonder if those tales might have been clouded by the teller's point of view or memory.

If you've reached the point of questioning what you have been told, if you've found that the stories don't match the information found on the Internet, or if you've just it a brick wall, then we can help you!

We at Tree Research are here to help you in your quest for that grain of truth in a good story whether you are a beginner or have years of experience.  We even help other professionals find records from the Carolinas just as they help us in their areas of expertise.

Our Professional Education

As professional researchers, we have trained at Samford University's Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research, the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, the National Institute on Genealogical Research and we continue to attend conferences and workshops each year to sharpen our skills for clients.

 Our Services

  • Short record searches into family history
  • Assistance in breaking through a difficult lineage
  • Providing research to help a client join the SAR or DAR
  • Complex research or book projects


Please call us at 704-753-9350 or email john@TreeResearch.com when you are ready to hire a professional genealogist!

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